Top Solar Street Light Manufacturer


Streets, lanes, and roads have a strong presence in our lives. A concrete made path is always needed for a soft and smooth communication. Hence, there should be a proper protection and vigilance for this. So, what would be better than by installing a street light on the road powered by solar energy? Today, such devices are after sought requirements in order to keep energy spare, ecological balance and dizziness concern in balance. Solar street lights are the need of the hour and getting installed on most of the roads locally and globally, both.

Deswal Lighting, a leading solar street lights manufacturer in Delhi, India insights on the demand of such elite products paving a new definition of the lighting system. Deswal Lighting is a prolific and environment-friendly organization which not only focuses on the demands of light users but also on the protection of energy utility & wastage that could also be disturbing for our immediate and overall atmosphere.

We soulfully deal in LED products and manufactures Bulbs, Panel Lights, Tube Lights, Surface Lights and Street Lights & its accessories. We are eminently certified by ISO standards which show that quality manufacture is our indeed goal and mission. Our products are reaches in different cities of India including Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore as well.

Why Led Products Manufacturing?

LED is a convenient and time-sparing technology which has numerous advantages for manufacturers and users, both.

Combining Advantages of Both Categories-

  1. Durable– Durability is a feature which useful for both parties. Our durable LED street lights give immense satisfaction to our customers and provide us an economical benefit.
  2. Quality– Quality products can only be durable and again this feature is useful for both parties. This is what which lead us to manufacture quality street lights and our other products.

Affordability– In the midst of manufacturing and supplying quality and durable LED products, we keep a close sight on maintaining the affordability of the materials.