Professional LED Lighting Manufacturers in India


Deswal Lighting is a house of competent, professional, skilled and experienced people. We are here with the motive to decipher best lighting solution technologies in order to provide a high degree of illumination without causing any err to eyes of our end-users.  We have a wide network of dealers, distributors and end-users across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Our products have made us one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in India.

Delhi has always been a place of industrial development and businesses have prospered comparatively to other. This made us enthusiastic to start a venture, but the most vital question in front of us was to focus on a new and growing industry. Then we decided to bring in the manufacturing of high quality LED lighting solutions. Our R&D reports suggested us about the scope of LED utility in future which will be replacing all sorts of current lighting solutions with a significant distance. We love to enthrall our customers with different shapes, style and illumination power of our lighting products.

Why Choose US?

Deswal Lighting loves to serve its customers located in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. You can choose us for following reasons-

  1. Long Lasting Performance- Your current lighting solution may be doing wonders for you, but is it long lasting. Remember, a durable product is not only satisfying but also gives you a high level of service in affordable price.
  2. Affordable Price- Along with quality, high performance, shape, and style of our products, we also take care of buying reach of the customers. We want them to enjoy their lighting preferences in reasonable price. So, we keep the prices under a limit of purchase.

Décor your home and office with best lighting solutions offered by Deswal Lighting, one of the best LED Lighting companies in India.