Led Lamp Manufacturers in India


Quality Products from LED Lamp Manufacturers in India

Deswal Lighting, Delhi, India is one of the leading and reputed led lamp manufacturers in India manufacturing and supplying the breakthrough light emitting diode products. LED is the latest technology has taken over it competing for products in recent time and are found at almost every place. The swift replacement of incandescent light is firmly viable and installation of LED lamps are making it to great importance for users.

Lamps are decorative and fancy lighting item which increases the aura of an ambiance. Long and short lamps make their impact on the environment and embrace the environment with their own capacity. Deswal Lighting has state of the art manufacturing hub for LED lamp manufacturing which dedicatedly produces tailored products including LED Bulb, Panel Lights, Tube Lights, Surface Lights, Flood Lights and Street Lights. LED lamps are our one of the high selling products which have been trading in the Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Types of LED Lamps-

LED Night Lamp– Our first category is night lamp comprising decorative night lamp, night lamp in pin type and path light LED. All of these products are effective in energy saving and decorates your room or place wherever you install it.

Table Lamp– These lighting products are immensely helpful for studying or working in the night. The lamp allows you to work continuously without disturbing rest of the family members or room partners. These products exclusively stylish, immeasurably qualitative and high performing.

Deswal Lighting has a wide network of the market in India covering Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore apart from the national capital Delhi. We are focused on extending our reach to many more cities of India under our 2020 mission.

We are passionate to serve the best quality of lighting products in affordable price range to make our end-users satisfied and happy.