Best LED Flood Lights Manufacturer


Deswal Lighting, a reputed and recognized name in LED lighting world and has achieved a leading place in the arena of advanced flood lights. We have been serving Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai for the year with our durable and long-lasting LED products. We are engaged in manufacturing of varied quality led light products including tube lights, bulbs, panels, drivers and flood lights.

Flood lights are wide-beamed, high-resolution artificial lights. They are utilized to illuminate or supply electricity for outdoor playing fields especially in low-light and night conditions. Flood lights are also used as a stage lighting instruments in concerts and play like live performances. Flood lights are employed for professional sports and basic requirement of stadiums to propel light in justified resolution.

As the name suggests, it includes collections of bulbs and thus can be said displaying the endless use of light energy in minimum time. Thus this could produce hefty charges for the program manager. Thus, LED flood lights can be a better alternative for making an event successful in all manners. Deswal Lighting also focuses on the same principle and come up with the magnificent light emitting diode solutions for stadiums, auditorium, and halls. We feel proud to serve our customers on such vast scale which is out in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Benefits & Features of LED Flood Light

At Deswal Lighting, we take modesty in being one of the topnotch LED Flood Light Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, rendering a wide range of LED luminaires created for the right purpose. The flood lights which we serve save massive 90% energy, producing high lumen output, excellent thermal management, and come in a broad variety of useful designs. They are best for parking lots, ports, façades, construction sites, monuments and industrial outdoors. With our LED flood lights, outdoor spaces can be evenly illuminated while saving energy.