Best CFL Manufacturers in India


If other lighting technologies have arrived in the center that doesn’t mean that CFL is out of the business. CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a better option over an incandescent light bulb in order to save energy and have a durable service. These kinds of lamps have ruled for more than a decade time and have been at every residential, commercial and semi-commercial place. The significance, imperativeness, and capability are well understood to everyone. Although, these lamps have several properties and specifications.

Deswal Lighting, one of the top notch CFL manufacturers in Delhi, India procures high focus on the development of CFL Manufacturing. We believe in walking ahead with the time and creates best of the products which offer the user a reliable, durable and satisfactory service. In the meantime, our CFL bulbs, tubes and other products include the combination of LED technology and that equip our products for becoming next-gen materials. Deswal Lighting products are accessible in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata also.

Benefits of CFL Lighting Products-

  • Instant start and flicker free
  • High light output and efficiency
  • Optimum finish
  • High illumination
  • Energy efficiency
  • Have influence and corrosion resistance
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior brightness control
  • Excellent functionality
  • Robust design

CFL has unlimited functionalities and scope of improvement and thus could serve us in much better ways.

Why Choose Deswal Lighting?

We are an open minded organization and understands that there would surely be our competitors. So, it becomes unnatural to say our customers to involve us in your daily. So, we are giving them points to decide what could be better for them when they are going to choose CFL bulbs and other products-

  1. Long lasting Service– Our products will serve you with a long lasting service and ensure you a high quality voltage supply that will be constant throughout the service period.
  2. Competitive Rate– Durability and charges remain two most prolific concern for a CFL user. So, we try to bring the same for them.

Get down Deswal Lighting CFL tubes, bulbs and other products and have an uninterrupted lighting service.